Victoria Stees

Victoria Stees is the owner and fire behind the phenomenon that is Revolution K9 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Victoria is a native Wyomingite, hailing from coal country in Gillette, Wyoming. She is also a third generation dog handler whose family competed dogs in conformation and obedience in Story, Wyoming. More than “just” a dog trainer, Victoria is also an entrepreneur, advocate, and musician.

Though born into it, Victoria has never taken for granted her experience in dog training and handling. She has dedicated her career to furthering her understanding of canine behavior, health and conditioning as well as enhancing her skill set. Victoria combines her lifetime experience with a furious passion for learning and developing her expertise. Her credentials are unmatched by any dog handler or trainer in Wyoming.

From commercial breeding operations and large-scale kennels to municipal animal shelters, Victoria’s early work experience has given her unique and powerful insight into the multifaceted world of the dog industry. Regardless of your pet’s background, Victoria can help you enhance your understanding of your pet, develop your relationship, and achieve your goals.

Her educational background includes graphic design, political science, and German language as well as a brief foray into Veterinary Medicine (Western).  In addition to her experience with pet stores, commercial kennels, large scale breeding operations, and animal shelters and rescues, Victoria has acquired an impressive set of credentials. These include Certified TTK9 Pet and Working Dog trainer, AKC Certified Evaluator & Instructor, The GO TEAM Therapy Dogs, Inc. – Southeastern Wyoming Coordinator, Naturopathic Doctor of Animal Sciences, Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, Certified Holistic Canine Dietitian, Certified Professional Trainer through a handful of organizations, and ongoing cutting edge education across North America.

Separately, she maintains a supporting passion in the canine application of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles. Her formal education is currently finishing certifications in Clinical Canine Herbalism and a doctoral thesis in Naturopathic Animal Sciences. All of this supports an unwavering devotion to the entire being of the dog in front of her. 

When she’s not helping other people achieve their goals with their own dogs, Victoria can most often be found playing Schutzhund and Mondioring, with her own German Wirehaired pointers, two Belgian Malinois crosses (who she speaks to in French and German, of course) and her German Shepherd. She also enjoys, swimming, biking, hiking, knitting and playing the piano.

Victoria seeks to make a difference in the lives of people and contribute to a healthier, happier community by educating and helping dog owners understand and have more fulfilling relationships with their canine companions. Whether you are looking to properly socialize a new puppy, work on basic manners and obedience in a newly adopted dog, enjoy a sport with your active companion, or pursue advanced search and rescue, tracking, or protection training for your working dog, Victoria can help. Call her today at Revolution K9.

-Britney Tennant, former CEO Black Dog Animal Rescue; CEO Cheyenne Animal Shelter, CWA, MNM